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  • Spirit red wine glass bottle

    Spirit red wine glass bottle


    The commonly used glass bottle for white wine bottle is divided into crystal white material, high white material, common white material, etc., and the crystal white material has the highest purity, so the packaging effect is the best, of course, the price is the highest. The common white material has the lowest purity and the cheapest price, while the high white material is the most cost-effective, because it not only has the packaging effect similar to the crystal white material, but also has the same price as the common white material. It is a kind of white wine bottle material used more frequently in the current market. We have all kinds of glass bottles, you can choose different material, different colors (clear, brown, black, white green and so on), different shape as you like. We also have glass bottles of different capacities. Please send us your sample size and requirements, we will try to show you the similar kind, also can open a new mould for you. We are looking forward to discuss more with you by mail or whatsapp.


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