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  • labels stickers for wine spirit alcohol whisky

    labels stickers for wine spirit alcohol whisky

    Our company can provide all kinds of self-adhesive labels. Self-adhesive labels, also known as self-adhesive label materials, are composite materials with paper, film or special materials as fabrics, adhesive coated on the back and silicon protective paper coated on the bottom. Common materials include copper paper, transparent dragon, dumb silver dragon, synthetic paper, gold foil, fragile paper, kraft paper, electrostatic film, brushed gold (silver), luminous paper, etc. Commonly used adhesives include water-based adhesive, oil-based adhesive, hot-melt adhesive, etc. Various printing processes can be used, such as offset printing, embossing, gravure printing, hot stamping, etc. We produce labels in a variety of ways, monochrome or multicolor. We use different materials according to customers’ requirements, such as high polyester materials, so that the color of the product can be displayed through the background color. Due to so much market demand today, we can produce a large number of orders in a short time, and use high-end technology to provide customers with high-quality label quality and price. The self-adhesive label provides roll printing, which can make the label suitable for manual or automatic labeling. Please show us the details of requirements by mail or whatsapp..


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